Parcel in 1/87 scale

miniature parcel in front of a blurred yellow background; the writing 'Deutsche Post' can be read

There are several ways of enhancing a model scene with miniature parcels. You can either buy more or less suitable products from the modelling accessories market or make these parcels yourself. We show you here how to do that without having to spend any money.

a Stanley knife lies beside some pieces of styrofoamFirst of all, we cut a piece of styrofoam to a suitably-sized block (7 mm x 5 mm x 3 mm / 0.28 in x 0.2 in x 0.12 in; the real parcel would be  61 cm x 43 cm x 26 cm or 24 in x 17 in x 10 in). 

a piece of corrugated cardboardFurthermore, we needed a piece of corrugated cardboard. Its surface has got a sufficiently fine structure which would still look realistic when used for making a miniature parcel.

the upper layer of a piece of cardboard has been lifted off halfwayVery carefully, we lifted off the upper layer of the cardboard. This sheer layer would form our model parcel.

a pair of scissors is lying on top of a roll of brown packaging tapeBrown packaging tape is usually very thin and hence seemed suitable to 'seal' a miniature box as well. We cut 2 tiny strips (only 0.6 mm / 0.02 in wide) and kept them for later. Converted into 1/1 scale, these strips would have the same width as the 'real' tape.

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