Self-built spray booth

die fertige Spritzkabine

Sophisticated modelling can hardly be done without an airbrush. Unfortunately, the paint spray tends to spread throughout the whole room. Using a spray booth, smaller paintwork can be done inside buildings. But industrial solutions are quite expensive, so we decided to build a spray booth ourselves.

Here is our step-by-step pictorial - please note that we did not use a prefabricated kit but built the booth according to our own ideas!

The following report shows the making of our spray booth. It is not meant to be a general construction  
manual. If you decide to build a similar spray booth you will do that at your own risk. Of course we 
cannot assume any liability for your product or its operation. Please note that inflammable or explosive 
solvents and propellant gases should not be sprayed in a spray booth like the shown one.

Materials list:

Material für den Bau der SpritzkabineFirst of all we had to buy some plates of various materials, hardware and a cheap cooker hood from the DIY store. We spent a total amount of about EUR 70,--. 

der 'Wrasenleitschirm' soll entfernt werdenWe decided to remove the vitreous fume screen which would have been in our way especially when changing the filter.

der 'Wrasenleitschirm' ist demontiertWith the help of several tools dismantling the screen was no problem at all.

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