Continuation: self-built spray booth

Zuschneiden der SeitenwändeCutting the acrylic glass with a sharp knife was no big deal; we used one of the aluminium parts instead of a "proper" T-square. 

BlechbohrungenIn order to screw the vitreous wall parts to the body of the cooker hood we had to drill many holes, into the metal (also into the aluminium profiles)...

Anzeichnen der Bohrlöcher...and into the acrylic glass. Beforehand, we had to copy the position of the holes using a permanent marker. Drilling all these holes was definitely the most tiring part of our work - but it was inevitable.

die erste Seitenwand stehtFinally, we could screw the first side wall to the hood body. Before doing that, we had removed the protective film from the acrylic glass.

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