Continuation: self-built spray booth

die Seitenwände stehenMounting the second side wall gave us a first impression of what the spray booth would look like in the end. 

At that time we had realised that the cover panel would sag, so we decided to reinforce it with one of the spare acrylic glass strips that had been left over after cutting the side walls.

die probehalber lose aufgelegte Deckelplatte hing an der Vorderseite deutlich durch

Plexiglasstreifen als StabilisatorWe stuck the strip vertically to the front edge of the cover panel with some super glue. Afterwards sagging was no longer an issue.

Verschraubung der Seitenwände mit der BodenplatteOnce the cover panel was mounted to the side walls, we adjusted them accurately and screwed them to the ground plate.

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