Miniature corrugated iron or fibre cement sheet

Your model railway dealer will stock different 1/87 scale imitations of corrugated iron or fibre cement sheet. Nevertheless, Mr. Hans Sack, Germany, had a very nice idea for creative modellers.

ein Stück Flachbandkabel, wie es vor allem in Computern Verwendung findetAll you need is a piece of ribbon cable which you will find in most personal computers (nowadays there will be at least one old discarded PC in every house...).

Schleifklotz neben dem bereits abgeschliffenen KabelstückUsing a sanding block, carefully remove the insulation until the silvry wire strands appear. Cautiously tear them off.

das zugeschnittene Stück 'Welleternit' auf einem BacksteinschuppenCut the remaining insulation ribbon to the size you need (e.g. with a sharp knife and a metal ruler).

das fertig patinierte DachFinally paint or patinate the ribbon sheet.

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