Self-built workbench

Sturdy workbenches are usually huge and cost a fortune. But modelling projects in 1/87 scale normally do not need much space. So we decided to build a workbench ourselves. The following pictorial will show you how we did that from an old wooden chest.

die fertige Werkbank

The heavy box that came from our shed was made from veneered chipboard.

neben dem Deckel mussten die Rollen entfernt werdenFirst of all we took the lid and the metal castors off the chest. That was quite tricky because some of the screws had been terminally rusty and needed special tools to be removed.

In order to make some space for the chrome plated legs, we had to cut a strip of wood off the chest. Our jigsaw would be guided along an absolutely straight wooden board we had screwed to the box.

die Kiste mit einer aufgeschraubten Hilfsleiste aus Holz

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