Continuation: self-built workbench

die Kiste und der herausgeschnittene HolzstreifenThis way we really got a straight cut!

Schleifmaschine bei der ArbeitAfter that we slightly sanded all surfaces to prepare the chest for painting. That was no problem at all thanks to our electric sander. It also helped us to gain an even top plate on which the former chest lid would be mounted later.

Then we glued and screwed the lid that should become our working surface, to the body of the chest. To do that we put the chest upside down. Oozing wood glue had to be removed at once with a damp cloth.

die Arbeitsplatte wird mit dem Korpus verschraubt und verleimt

die fertig verschliffene WerkbankFinally we sanded the top surface to prepare it for painting as well.

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